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Does It Surprise You That Some of the DWTS Pros Smoke It a free country and there no law against smoking at least, not in certain places but it just surprises us a little bit when we see a photo of a Dancing With the Stars pro with a cigarette. They are our beacons of good health and fitness in and out of the ballroom. They often do workout videos, give interviews about eating right and help whip celebrities into fighting shape. Every time we see them out and about, we suck in our guts a little bit and wish we were that toned. We have no idea how many DWTS pros may be smokers (not to mention the celebs they train) but it just stopped us for a minute when we recently saw photos of Cheryl Burke smoking not to mention the TMZ shot of Peta Mugatroyd holding a cig while dancing with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. That old TMZ shot was used as proof that the two were dating, but it was the cigarette that really surprised us. And then there was the fight between Mark Ballas and his girlfriend over the fact that he hadn't quit smoking yet. DWTS is stressful and super-competitive, so maybe they smoke to relieve tension or help keep the pounds off. Who knows. Does it surprise or disappoint you to see some DWTS pros smoke since they have become role models for healthy living or is it their business and what does it matter to anyone else if they smoke (or drink a lot?) as long as they do a good job as teachers/choreographers/performers?

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